Hot dog vendor, 3 others busted in GW bookstore ring

WASHINGTON – A hot dog vendor and three George Washington University bookstore workers ran a black market textbook ring stealing $200,000 worth of books in just one month. The books from the campus store were then resold to students off the cart for a quarter of the bookstore price.

The ring leader operated a hot dog cart near the GW campus in D.C., and his accomplices worked in the campus book store. The ring of four profited $50,000 but were caught soon after the bookstore manager noticed every copy of a popular textbook was missing off the shelves.

The manager decided to review the store security camera where he saw the employees hiding books in a trash bin. When the hot dog vendor came to pick the books up from the bin, the cops were waiting.

Each member of the ring now faces 10years in prison.

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