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Whether it’s from terrorists, anarchists, cybercriminals or nation-states, America has a target on its back.

In this weekly podcast series produced by WTOP and Podcast One, WTOP National Security Correspondent J.J. Green investigates the threats facing the U.S., the people behind them, the agencies fighting them and their impact on Americans.

Title: Target USA –Ep. 246 | North Korea's "October Surprise"

Title: Target USA –Ep. 245 | How ready is the U.S. Army?

Title: Target USA –Ep. 244 | EXCLUSIVE: Poisoned by the Kremlin -a Survivor's Story

Title: Target USA –Ep. 243 Why is the CIA sitting on Russian interference intel

Title: Target USA –Ep. 242 American company in cross hairs of Belarus regime

Title: Target USA –Ep. 241 The poisoning of Alexei Navalny - New Details

Title: Target USA –Ep. 240 Dr. Anthony Fauci discusses the impact of COVID-19 on national security

Title: Target USA –Ep. 239 Svetlana Tikhanovskaya speaks out about Belarus

Title: Target USA –Ep. 238 The Senate's Final report on Russia's 2016 meddling

Title: Target USA –Ep. 237 Former CIA officer Marc Polymeropoulos discusses the endgame for Russian intelligence

Title: Target USA –Ep. 236 Former DNI Jim Clapper says he's concerned Russia is hiding something

Title: Target USA –Ep. 235 | Confrontation with an identity thief

Title: Target USA –Ep. 234 | The US China confrontation has arrived

Title: Target USA –Ep. 233 | The Trump/Putin relationship "uncomfortable" to the U.S. Intelligence Community

Title: Target USA –Ep. 232 | John Bolton discusses his book "Room with a View ' and working for President Donald Trump

Title: Target USA –Ep. 231 | North Korea blows up chances for peace with South Korea

Target USA –Ep. 230 | Russia's nuclear weapons are still a existential threat

Target USA –Ep. 229 | Russia sentences Paul Whelan to 16 years hard labor

Target USA –Ep. 228 | New technology exposes Beijing's spies

Target USA –Ep. 227 | The Death of George Floyd

Target USA –Ep. 226 | Fiona Hill speaks truth to power about Russia

Target USA –Ep. 225 | New horizons for US Air and Space Forces

Target USA –Ep. 224 | Was COVID-19 in the US last fall?

Target USA –Ep. 223 | US/China confrontation looming

Target USA –Ep. 222 | Kim Jong Un - Dead or Alive?

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