The tubes that take out ticks!

Tick tubes work 'amazingly' well

wtopstaff | November 14, 2014 5:48 am

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Mike McGrath, wtop.com

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The Tubes That Take Out Ticks!

Frederick must be tick central! Jo, David, and Katie are just a few of the dozens of listeners in that area who emailed me for details after I discussed Tick Tubes last weekend. Now, whenever you hear me mention a product or technique, you’ll find all the details here on WTOP.com and Tick Tubes were and are no exception.

Tick tubes are one of my favorite tick-prevention devices. They’re cardboard tubes filled with cotton balls soaked in a pesticide called permethrin that’s especially deadly to ticks. You spread the tubes around outside, the field mice that are the REAL hosts of the so-called deer ticks that spread Lyme and other dreaded diseases take the cotton balls to use as bedding, and the pesticide kills all the ticks in those cozy mouse nests for months.

Used properly, these simple tubes can reduce the ticks on your property by 90 percent with no spraying and no release of any pesticide into the environment. Heck, they don’t even hurt the mice!

More Ways to Stop Ticks

Our email overfloweth with requests for tick control advice from Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and D.C. So, in addition to spreading Tick Tubes around your property:

  • Keep brushy areas near your home mowed and dry; ticks wait for you in damp, shady tall grass and weeds

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