Behind the wheel: Kids test-drive Teslas in Vienna

Grown-ups weren’t the only ones who got to test-drive the Tesla Model S during a driving event in Vienna, Virginia.

VIENNA, Va. — Tom McNamara didn’t think his girls would be driving so soon, especially since they are only 5 and 4 years old.

But on Sunday, his daughter Lila McNamara, 5, jumped into the red Tesla Model S for Kids during a driving event at Tesla Motors Tyco Road in Vienna, Virginia.

“They’re pretty awesome,” said Tom McNamara, adding that he’s jealous and wished he could fit into one of the kid-size Teslas. “They’re little Radio Flyer Tesla cars.”

Tesla is known for its fully electric cars. The “Tesla Model S” is a premium electric car. But on Sunday, grown-ups weren’t the only ones who got to test-drive the Tesla Model S. The kids also had a chance to take a Tesla for a spin.

The Tesla Model S for Kids by Radio Flyer is a hot seller and can travel up to speeds of 6 miles an hour. You can also buy an indoor car cover for the kids’ Tesla. It’s exactly like the car cover for the full size Model S but only in a mini version.

Tom McNamara said that when Lila was driving the Tesla she didn’t listen to any of the advice he was giving her. He said now he has an idea of what it’s going to be like teaching her how to drive when she’s a teenager. The family lives in D.C.

His wife, Donna McNamara said she’s never seen the Tesla cars for kids.

“I was telling my youngest daughter that even big ones (Tesla cars) in there for the adults are electric which is really cool they understand they don’t run on gas,” she said.

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