‘Trying’ stars Rafe Spall, Esther Smith dish on hilariously heartwarming Season 3

Cast of "Trying" on Apple TV+

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WTOP's Jason Fraley chats with the cast of 'Trying' (Part 1)

“Trying” may be the most hilariously heartwarming show currently streaming on television.

WTOP spoke with stars Rafe Spall and Esther Smith about Season 3 now on Apple TV+.

“The mark of a great season of a TV show that’s been running a couple (of) seasons is that it satisfies the audience and also compounds expectations,” Spall told WTOP. “You need a few twists and turns, you need a few surprising things to happen, but you want some loose ends tied up too, you want answers to things, and I think this will deliver that.”

The series follows Jason and Nikki, who yearn to become parents in the London borough of Camden. After many failed attempts, they navigate the complex world of adoption.

“It’s still a taboo subject, the idea of infertility. People don’t talk about it much, and it’s not really represented in the public discourse, but it’s a thing that affects 1 in 7 people,” Spall said, to which Smith added, “It’s just so lovely to know that you’re representing something that makes people feel less alone … going through the adoption process or fertility issues.”

Their characters’ attempt to bond with their adopted kids, Princess and Tyler, mirrors Spall and Smith’s attempts to bond with child actors Eden Togwell and Mickey McAnulty.

“You want to be able to bond and try to be friends with them,” Smith said. “Hilariously similar to Nikki, I desperately tried to be fun with them, but I’m not necessarily sure they saw me as the fun one out of the two of us,” to which Spall added, “I’ve got kids myself, so I’m not afraid of telling kids off. My experience with kids is they love to have boundaries.”

Both adoptive parents find great character moments in Season 3, whether it’s Jason storming into Tyler’s classroom in a hazmat suit to save him from embarrassment over his pet rock or Nikki getting a wrist tattoo to match Princess’ embarrassing birthmark.

Spall and Smith are also surrounded by a funny supporting cast with Freddy (Oliver Chris) trying to redeem himself this season after a sleazy midlife crisis, while Nikki’s insecure sister Karen (Sian Brooke) tries starting a life with highbrow husband Scott (Darren Boyd).

“I love the Karen and Scott storyline, it breaks my heart, but they also make me laugh so hard like Scott thinking he’s grabbing a drink, but he picks up a candle instead.” Spall agrees: “There’s a bit at the party where I tap on his shoulder, ‘Scott, we need to talk about this money.’ He says, ‘Trust me, I’ve got it under control,’ and he’s dressed as a clown.”

There’s no word yet on how many more seasons of “Trying” Apple will potentially green-light, but the actors share their fans’ hope of many more chapters to come.

“I’d be happy doing this show for a few more years,” Spall said. “Fingers crossed.”

WTOP's Jason Fraley chats with the cast of 'Trying' (Part 2)

Hear our full conversation on my podcast “Beyond the Fame.”

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