Hundreds in DC march against Trump on Presidents Day

After a rally in Dupont Circle on Monday, hundreds of protesters chanted "Stand up, fight back," and marched down the streets of the capital.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Several hundred people marched in D.C. Monday to protest President Donald Trump.

After a rally in Dupont Circle on Monday, hundreds of protesters marched down the streets of the capital, chanting, “Stand up, fight back.”

Among the protesters was Harold Fuller-Bennet of Takoma Park, Maryland, who believes the president is governing dangerously.

“He should be impeached right away, for the safety of the public,” Fuller-Bennet said.

The D.C. rally was one of several “Not My Presidents Day” protests across the country to mark the Presidents Day holiday. Protesters criticized Trump’s immigration policies, among other things.

One of the bikers, Brian Meyers of Havre de Grace, Maryland, said Donald Trump is his president.

“I’m tired of the 99 percent having to bend over backwards for the 1 percent in this country,” Meyers said.

While speakers used a megaphone to address the crowd at Dupont Circle, a pair of Trump supporters drove by on motorcycles. Protesters held signs with sayings like “He is not above the law” and “#45: Mockery Worldwide.”

WTOP’s Mike Murillo contributed to this report.

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