120-lb. woman eats 216 ounces of steak in 20 minutes (Video)

WASHINGTON — Molly Schuyler weighs 120 pounds, but can probably outeat you.

The 34-year-old mother of four polished off not one, not two, but three 72-ounce steaks in 20 minutes at a restaurant in Amarillo, Texas.

In addition to the 13 pounds of beef, she ate the shrimp cocktail, baked potato, salad and rolls with butter that came with each steak.

Schuyler did so at The Big Texan restaurant. She already held the restaurant’s record for eating one of the steaks with its sides in under five minutes.

After last year’s win, the restaurant offered her $5,000 to woof down the three steak meals. And it offered teams of two eaters, including former NFL quarterback Keith Null, $1,000 to accomplish the same goal.

Check out the video:

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