• They might not be pretty, but Opossums are rare and important animals

    WASHINGTON — Wildlife rehabilitators say they’re not very pretty, or popular, but opossums, those cat-sized marsupials, provide some pretty important functions in our backyards. “Not everyone likes them, but they do a wonderful job to keep…

  • How to avoid attracting ‘nuisance’ coyotes

    WASHINGTON — Local wildlife officials want homeowners to take measures to avoid attracting coyotes. Those measures would include not leaving pet food outside, removing bird feeders and clearing away brush piles where rodents may live and attract…

  • Distemper results in 18 grey fox deaths in Waynesboro

    WAYNESBORO, Va. (AP) — Waynesboro police say a distemper outbreak has led to the deaths of more than a dozen grey foxes in the city. Police issued an alert about the outbreak on Tuesday. Police…

  • Raptors show off to help support their own rehab

    Majestic birds such as owls, eagles and hawks can be grounded by human-generated hazards. But caring for the birds goes well beyond the initial medical emergency.

  • Va. agency studying wildlife patterns, road safety

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The Virginia Department of Transportation is working to make roads safer for both wildlife and motorists. The agency’s research division is conducting a three-year study on animal travel patterns that is…

  • Wildlife helpline to assist with critter conflicts

    There are more and more stories of coyote sightings in the Washington area. But it\’s not just coyotes; it\’s bears, raccoons and other wildlife as well.

  • Md. encourages residents to create wildlife habitats

    Maryland natural resources officials and the National Wildlife Federation are pushing for more residents to slow the loss of wildlife habitats.

  • ‘Crittercams’ show how animals avoid crossing the highway

    What Ed Gates, a professor with the University of Maryland\’s Center for Environmental Science, found when he put \”crittercams\” in culverts across Maryland surprised him.