• Raptors show off to help support their own rehab

    Majestic birds such as owls, eagles and hawks can be grounded by human-generated hazards. But caring for the birds goes well beyond the initial medical emergency.

  • Va. agency studying wildlife patterns, road safety

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The Virginia Department of Transportation is working to make roads safer for both wildlife and motorists. The agency’s research division is conducting a three-year study on animal travel patterns that is…

  • Wildlife helpline to assist with critter conflicts

    There are more and more stories of coyote sightings in the Washington area. But it\’s not just coyotes; it\’s bears, raccoons and other wildlife as well.

  • Md. encourages residents to create wildlife habitats

    Maryland natural resources officials and the National Wildlife Federation are pushing for more residents to slow the loss of wildlife habitats.

  • ‘Crittercams’ show how animals avoid crossing the highway

    What Ed Gates, a professor with the University of Maryland\’s Center for Environmental Science, found when he put \”crittercams\” in culverts across Maryland surprised him.