• How to tap into mindful breathing to face a busy lifestyle

    Therapeutic yoga teacher Mary Beth Cully says a simple breath can change your perspective and how you look at situations.

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  • Local school program wants to relieve student stress

    ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Homework, after-school activities and the pressure to succeed can make life stressful for teenagers. On Saturday, Fairfax County Public Schools hosted nearly 1,000 students, parents, teachers and experts at its second annual day-long conference on…

  • Workers, bosses divided over time off for mental health

    WASHINGTON — Stress, anxiety or depression: None of these may be a good reason for missing a day’s work without ticking off the boss. Mental health treatment providers are concerned that nearly 70 percent of…

  • Friends at work reduce your stress

    WASHINGTON — The health benefits of developing friends from work include reduction of stress and stress resilience. Work is not just a place to pick up a paycheck anymore; work is where we get healthy…

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    WASHINGTON — What if you could take a pill to reduce the risk of diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, insomnia, chronic pain, diabetes, obesity, cholesterol and gastrointestinal conditions? Try mindfulness! Mindfulness helps you develop…

  • Partners help overcome stress

    WASHINGTON – Increased levels of stress in your relationship can have disastrous consequences. Different causes of stress such as finances, children and work pressures can contribute to increased stress in your relationship. Moodiness, chronic worrying,…

  • Survey: Most Americans — but not all — are feeling less stress

    WASHINGTON — “Don’t stress out.” It’s good advice, and it looks like Americans are taking it. USA TODAY reports that an annual survey released by the American Psychological Association shows that Americans are feeling less stressed…

  • Brownout: The new name for workplace stress

    WASHINGTON — According to the American Psychological, 65 percent of employees say work is a significant source of stress in their lives. Our workplaces continue to be a key stressor, and a new term for…

  • Powerful jobs impact men’s, women’s psyches differently

    Having a powerful job can impact the psyches of men and women in opposite ways.

  • Is your job killing you?

    Many people these days are literally working themselves to death. Whether they are trying to advance in their jobs or are workaholics,
    they are destroying their mental and physical health.

  • Study: Men with low stress levels live longer

    You\’re probably not surprised to hear that big stressors such as
    divorce have a negative impact on health. But a new study out of Oregon State
    University found that men who get stressed out by little things, such as traffic,
    deadlines and spats with their wife, were more likely to die earlier than those who