• Metro reveals new details about August derailment

    WASHINGTON — Metro has released some new details about last month’s derailment near the Smithsonian station before a committee meeting on the issue on Friday.  In a memo, Metro answers some key questions that board members…

  • Scientists measuring height of Washington Monument

    For the first time in 80 years, scientists are posting equipment at the peak of the Washington Monument to measure the obelisk\’s height.

  • Repairs, updates planned for JFK eternal flame

    The eternal flame at John F. Kennedy\’s grave site
    is losing its spark. Arlington Cemetery plans a
    $350,000 update to repair the flame.

  • Phoenix Bikes: Volunteers, kids refurbish and repair bicycles

    Bicycles are meant to be user friendly, but finding an inexpensive one can be hard and figuring out what to do with an old one can be even harder.