• Report: D.C. second-least affordable area to rent

    RealtyTrac released its 2016 Rental Affordability Analysis and found that average rent the D.C. region requires more than 60 percent of average wages. See how other areas stack up in an interactive map.

  • New report signals boon for house flippers in D.C. area

    WASHINGTON — Home prices are slowing in much of the country, but for people in the business of flipping homes, the third quarter was especially rewarding. “D.C. is one of those markets that’s still pretty…

  • Best places to rent are outside the Beltway

    If you are considering renting out a room for extra cash, the best places are outside the Beltway.

  • Foreclosures climb in Maryland counties

    Foreclosures decreased last year in the D.C.
    region despite rising foreclosure rates in the
    Maryland suburbs.

  • Foreclosures in Frederick County still high

    The number of foreclosures in Frederick County is
    still high — 45 in September, according to
    RealtyTrac — and one major problem, according to
    housing professionals, is that people wait too
    to seek help.

  • Region sees fewer foreclosures, but more may come

    Once again, there are fewer foreclosed homes
    sold in the region but it\’s not a sign of a
    strengthening market in all areas.

  • Flood of foreclosures expected in Md.

    The number of foreclosure starts in Maryland is exploding. Foreclosure starts are the first sign a foreclosure may be imminent. The numbers indicate there could be a lot of foreclosures on the market within the next two years.

  • Foreclosure rates dip in the metro area

    In the fourth quarter, foreclosure sales made up about 12 percent of all Maryland home sales. Foreclosure sales made up nearly 19 percent of all sales in Virginia.

  • Foreclosures take forever in one part of the D.C. area

    It likely comes as no surprise that the foreclosure process can be pretty lengthy. But in one part of the D.C. area, just how long it takes from start to finish is startling.