• Nurses tell all about the fitness of hospitals

    WASHINGTON — Nurses get a firsthand look at conditions in our hospitals: they work there everyday amidst the dramas and miracles of modern medicine. And one of the things they have learned is when hospitals…

  • Nurses at MedStar Washington Hospital Center hold one-day strike

    WASHINGTON — D.C.’s Medstar Washington Hospital is open and operating normally Monday despite a strike by dozens of its nurses. The strike began at 7 a.m. Monday and is expected to last 24 hours. “The…

  • Nurses striking at Providence Hospital

    Nurses at D.C.\’s Providence Hospital are on strike, protesting what they say is a lack of training to deal with Ebola.

  • Nurses legal rights limited if they contract Ebola

    Health care workers are on the front lines of the battle against Ebola. In Dallas, two nurses got the disease from an infected Liberian. And some people are saying they ought to sue Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital for negligence.

  • Is Howard University Hospital backing off on nursing cutbacks?

    Howard University Hospital has apparently backed away from planned layoffs of some of its nursing staff — at least for now.

  • Nursing burnout linked to higher infection rate

    The research found a correlation between the
    number of patients under a nurse\’s care and the
    number of hospital-acquired infections.