• Apple now accepting your banged-up iPhone

    Until now, Apple offered credit to iPhone owners only if the device had an intact screen and working buttons.

  • Pros and cons of upgrading smartphones every year

    WASHINGTON — Understanding a cellphone bill has never been an easy task. But comparing the benefits and drawbacks of plans that allow users to get a new phone every year makes it even more challenging. For…

  • New iPhone feature may use data without you knowing it

    WASHINGTON — A feature of iOS9, Apple’s new iPhone operating system, has the potential to eat up data before the user realizes why or how it is happening. “It’s a real problem,” says WTOP Tech…

  • Could the iPhone Upgrade Program save you money?

    WASHINGTON — Apple recently unveiled a new leasing option for its phones that could boil down to a better deal for consumers. The iPhone Upgrade Program would give customers the chance to pay for unlocked…

  • 4 ways to reuse, resell, recycle iPhones

    NEW YORK (AP) _ Each year, Apple dazzles its devoted fans with faster, sleeker, more powerful iPhones with better cameras and a bevy of bells and whistles. So, what’s to become of last year’s model?…

  • Apple testing service that could eliminate voicemail

    WASHINGTON — Apple employees are testing a voicemail service that would enable Siri to answer incoming phone calls and transcribe them for you, making it unnecessary to listen to time-consuming recorded messages. Sources tell Business…

  • Sprint offering unlimited talk, text, data plan for $80

    WASHINGTON — Sprint Tuesday introduced its “All-in” plan, which offers unlimited talk, text and data at $60, plus $20 to lease phones such as the iPhone 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy S6. “If you went to…

  • iPhone bug crashes phones with just a text

    WASHINGTON — A text message that causes iPhone messaging apps to crash is the latest bug for users of Apple’s most popular mobile device. The text message, which consists of a string of nontraditional characters,…

  • Security bug can cause iPhones to reboot endlessly

    WASHINGTON — Rebooting a mobile device is often the solution for a balky smartphone or tablet, but security experts are concerned about a newly discovered Wi-Fi security bug that can cause an iPhone to reboot…

  • Stanford develops phone battery that charges in 1 minute

    WASHINGTON —  It’s one of the worst feelings in the world. You’re already running a few minutes late for a night on the town or a zoo day with the family, so you need to…

  • My iPhone can do what? 12 surprising features

    Most of us are too busy to learn all the things our smartphones are capable of doing. Here are 12 tips and tricks for using iPhone tools you may not have known existed.

  • Free apps can cost you your privacy

    Everyone loves free. If it doesn\’t cost anything, someone
    will likely take it. But, as we know, nothing is actually free. And with smartphone and tablet apps
    the cost is usually personal information.

  • Bash Bug: What it is and how to protect your computer

    Imagine hackers sitting right in front of your computer — a programming bug called Bash Bug is making certain operation systems vulnerable and experts warn it\’s time to take steps to protect computers.

  • Tempted to bend iPhones? What not to do

    With all the hubbub over whether the new iPhones can be bent — by mistake or on purpose — Men\’s Health\’s Gregg Stebben has some things not to do.

  • Column: Should you install iOS 8 at all?

    With all of the issues iOS 8 has had, is there any reason to take the update? Ken Colburn with Data Doctors has the answer.