• Dr. Oz: How to get rid of frequent headaches

    Frequent headaches are more than an annoyance; they\’re debilitating. Dr. Oz discusses common triggers for headaches and how to find relief.

  • Some uncommon triggers that cause headaches

    There are some run-of-the-mill reasons why we get headaches. Stress, eyestrain or hormonal shifts are all common causes.But there are some headache triggers that aren\’t quite as common and lead to that gnawing pain.

  • Study finds migraine sufferers are stigmatized

    Those who experience migraines have to deal with a lot more than pain. It turns out many migraine sufferers ache in silence, due to the stigma attached to the headaches.

  • Recognizing the 4 stages of a migraine

    Migraines start before the pain arrives. While everyone may not experience every symptom, it\’s helpful to know what might happen.

  • 7 migraine triggers to know

    What\’s inside your foods and drinks could trigger migraines. If you know these triggers, you may be able to reduce your likelihood of getting a migraine.

  • Cheese, meat, beer could cause headaches for some

    If you are prone to headaches and migraines, the
    answer to the agonizing pain may be in your
    grocery cart.

  • Help Remedies curing everything from colds to love lives

    Instead of reaching for Tylenol or Motrin to cure your next migraine, the drug \”Help, I have a headache\” may just do the trick. The medication is one of the products offered by Help Remedies, a start-up company from New York City that aims to make over-the-counter health care simpler for consumers.

  • Moody? You might need a drink — of water

    Water isn\’t just for thirst anymore. The University of Connecticut has found that dehydration can affect energy levels, alter mood and hurt one\’s ability to think clearly.