• U.S. intelligence: Russian plane likely brought down by terrorists

    WASHINGTON — The British government has reason to believe the plane crash that took the lives of 224 Russian passengers and crew in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, was caused by a bomb. “While the investigation is…

  • Russian passenger plane carrying 224 crashes in central Sinai

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Egypt’s Ministry of Civil Aviation said a Russian aircraft carrying 217 passengers and seven crew members crashed Saturday in the restive Sinai peninsula. The statement said search and rescue teams found the wreckage…

  • Egypt army ousts Morsi, new leader to be sworn in

    Egyptians awoke Thursday to a new political reality after the military overthrew the country\’s first democratically elected president after only a year in office, shunting the Islamist leader aside in the same kind of Arab Spring uprising that brought him to power.

  • Egypt riot over soccer verdicts kills at least 22

    Egyptian security officials say 22 people have been killed in riots sparked by death sentences given to nearly two dozen soccer fans convicted of violence after a game in Port Said last year.