• Chesapeake Bay’s health reflected in live cams as birds of prey bounce back

    WASHINGTON — Area bird nests built everywhere from the top of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to towering electric line platforms reflect the power of conservation efforts and the health of the Chesapeake Bay. “It’s always…

  • Bald eagles make permanent home in nation’s capital

    WASHINGTON — Leaders in the nation’s capital are optimistic the nation’s bird has again found a permanent home here. There are now three nesting pairs of bald eagles in Washington. “It symbolizes the environmental success…

  • Three eagle nests spotted in the District for first time in 70 years

    WASHINGTON — Three eagle nests have now been spotted in the District and experts believe they all contain eaglets. “Having three nesting pairs of eagles is pretty spectacular,” said Tommy Wells, director of the District…

  • Dedicated eagle wasn’t in danger despite snow (Photos)

    WASHINGTON — We all love a good story about unconditional love. Or at least unconditional instinct. So when the world caught wind of a bald eagle so dedicated to protecting its eggs that snow piled onto…

  • Wildlife Center of Virginia to release bald eagle

    VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) — The Wildlife Center of Virginia is set to release a juvenile bald eagle near the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center in Virginia Beach. The release will occur on Tuesday.…

  • Entangled eagles fall from the sky in Loudoun County

    Two eagles fighting to the death fell from the sky while attached to
    each other in Loudoun County earlier this month, and one is now slowly returning back to

  • Prospects not good for rescued eagle

    Prospects are not good for the injured bald eagle rescued from Metro\’s Blue Line tracks near the Van Dorn Metro station.