• Abuse or discipline: Peterson case spurs cultural debate

    An author an advocate against child abuse says that thanks to Charles Barkley and Adrian Peterson the African-American community is having an honest conversation about the difference between child abuse and corporal punishment.

  • Fairfax County superintendent proposes changes to discipline policies

    Fairfax County Public
    School are considering disciplinary policy changes that would shorten
    suspension times for most serious offenses.

  • Parenting: Do time-outs help or hurt?

    What\’s the best way to deal with a misbehaving or out-of-control child? It\’s an issue with which plenty of parents struggle. Having a \”time-out\” is a common consequence for disobedient little ones, but is it effective?

  • Study: Spanking a child could lead to future aggression

    Spanking a child is supposed to curb bad behavior, but a new
    study shows it may do just the opposite.

  • Improve your discipline, improve your fitness

    A lot of people experience a lack of steady motivation as the chief roadblock to any sort of fitness success. But there\’s good news: You don\’t need motivation to work out. You need discipline.