• Quiet killer: The story of a drone pilot

    Between 2,400 and 4,000 people have been killed in more than 400 drone strikes since the U.S. began using them in 2004 to target militants considered threats to national security. Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Mark McCurley is one of the pilots that commanded those drones. He’s now opening up about what that’s like and the challenges that come with the job.

  • Local couple pens new exorcism novel near Georgetown

    A local couple pens a new exorcism novel, not far from where “The Exorcist” was filmed in Georgetown.

  • Real-life Countess of ‘Downton Abbey’ writes castle’s history in second book

    The Countess of Carnarvon lives at Highclere castle, the location at/on which \”Downton Abbey\” is filmed and based.

  • Dishing on the drama: Behind the scenes of the Food Network

    New York Times journalist Allen Salkin got his first taste of Food Network frenzy while covering the South Beach Wine & Food Festival in 2008 — and he was struck by the attention paid to the network\’s top chefs. Salkin\’s new book dives into the world of the Food Network.

  • Deconstructing Indian cooking

    Thirty-one years ago, Raghavan Iyer moved from Mumbai to Minneapolis. Recreating the tastes of India in the kitchen is one way Iyer planned to make his home, 8,000-miles away, feel closer. But he quickly realized his biggest limitation in this quest: American grocery stores.

  • Q&A: Talking ‘Luluisms’ with veteran journalist Gina London

    Kids say the darnest things, and 5-year-old Lulu London is no exception. Former CNN journalist Gina London spoke to WTOP Living about her new book, \”Because I\’m Small Now and You Love Me,\” which chronicles her daughter\’s funny sayings.

  • New book contains letters, thoughts from Lennon

    On what would have been his 72nd birthday, new
    insights about John Lennon\’s life have surfaced
    in a book.

  • Study: Readers trust amateur book reviews as much expert book reviews

    A study from the Harvard Business School says when it comes to book reviews, readers trust each other as much as they trust the so-called experts.