• Illegal U-turns across Pennsylvania Avenue bike lanes growing safety concern

    WASHINGTON — The month of May is filled with bike-related events: Bike to School Day, Bike to Work Day and it’s National Bike Month. But some area cyclists complain that instead of feeling encouraged to…

  • Bikeshare releases survey on usage

    WASHINGTON — The latest survey on Capital Bikeshare use is out, and it’s showing who rides those big red bikes and why. According to the survey, prepared by LDA Consulting and Mobility Lab, 65 percent…

  • Va. Beach bans ads on bikes along path next to Boardwalk

    VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) — Virginia Beach has banned advertising signs on bicycles along a bike path next to its Boardwalk. The Virginian-Pilot ( reports the City Council approved the ordinance change Tuesday night. Advertising…

  • Bike boom gets boost in UK

    WASHINGTON — Cyclists are getting more real estate on the road — and not just in the U.S. Transport for London’s plan includes an 18-mile-long segregated bikeway that slices across London and the work could…

  • Everything you need to know about biking in D.C.

    The number of cyclists is growing in a town known for its
    traffic. And while this trend is great for the health of environment and the
    health of District residents, it has caused some tension between motorists,
    pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Capital Bikeshare faces shortage of keys, bicycles

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Memberships in the Capital Bikeshare program are up, but the operation has run out of keys for new members to access bicycles. The Washington Post ( ) reports the bicycle sharing program…

  • Fairfax County supervisors raise concern about ‘war on cars’

    Concerns from drivers that cyclists and pedestrians get
    too much attention and funding are often focused inside the Beltway, but now members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors have concerns
    that the \”war on cars\” is nudging its way into the suburbs.

  • D.C. business washes laundry, delivers it on bikes

    Wash. Dry. Bike.

  • Study says bicyclists are happiest travelers

    Traffic in the D.C. area can cause headaches and some choice
    words. But new research suggests people can change their mood by changing the way
    they travel.

  • Tips for safe winter bicycling

    Bicyclists have to deal with occluded bike lanes and icy patches — and drivers should plan accordingly.

  • 15th Street cycle track brings concerns for bikers, drivers

    Sharing the road with bicyclists and drivers continues to bring headaches in D.C.