• Google ad service crashes, forces sites to go ad free

    Google\’s ad serving platform, DoubleClick, went down for more than hour this morning forcing Web publishers, including, to go ad free until the problem is fixed.

  • Ladies’ shoe campaign generates controversy and a buzz

    Shoe designer Nine West\’s new advertising campaign is meant to be funny and hip, but some believe it crosses the line.

  • “Like a Girl,” an insult?

    A powerful new ad campaign challenges sexist stereotypes and urges
    young girls to just be themselves.

  • Advertising after ‘Mad Men': How the show compares to real life

    Advertising leaders weigh in on how the industry has changed since the days of \”Mad Men\” and how realistic the show really is.

  • Target apologizes for photo thinning model’s thighs

    Target apologizes to customers after people took to Twitter to complain about very poorly photoshopped images on the store\’s website of a model in bikinis.

  • Bryce Harper comes out of his advertising shell, with Under Armour’s help

    I first told you about Washington Nationals phenom Bryce Harper’s endorsement strategy about a year ago, when the 19-year-old rookie was mostly playing it cool. At the time, Harper was still trying to prove himself and didn’t seem to have much appetite for cashing in with advertisements despite his potential. That sure didn’t last. In…

  • Arlington proposes tax cut to lure advertising firms

    Arlington County is proposing to erase its tax
    on media buy
    receipts, having realized the chances are nil of
    landing a new
    advertising firm, or keeping its existing ones,
    if it maintains the

  • Help Remedies curing everything from colds to love lives

    Instead of reaching for Tylenol or Motrin to cure your next migraine, the drug \”Help, I have a headache\” may just do the trick. The medication is one of the products offered by Help Remedies, a start-up company from New York City that aims to make over-the-counter health care simpler for consumers.

  • Jerry Jones’ rapping redux

    Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, raps about pizza and his five-time Super Bowl Champion team in a new add for pizza chain Papa Johns.