Pet of the Week


  • Pet of the Week: WTOP’s 2016 Pets

    Pet of the Week is a weekly feature that highlights a pet available for adoption from the Washington Animal Rescue League.

  • Pet of the Week: Martha May

    Meet this week’s Pet of the Week: Martha May is a hound/shepherd mix, with eyes that are oh-so-soulful. She has an adorable, pleading face that is so hard to resist.

  • Ugly sweater party helps find cats forever homes

    An event held this weekend at Georgetown’s Crumbs & Whiskers helped find cats and kittens their forever homes.

  • Pet of the Week: Haemi

    It’s hard to believe that Haemi began life on a dog meat farm in South Korea. Rescued by Humane Society International, along with 26 other dogs, this 3-month-old mastiff mix puppy is joy personified.

  • 2015 Pets of the Week: Where are they now?

    Monday is a special day in the WTOP newsroom. That’s because the station gets to kick off the week in the company of an adorable animal from the Washington Animal Rescue League, in hopes to find them a forever home. Here’s a look back at all the pets WTOP featured this year, and where they landed after their radio debuts.

  • Pet of the Week: Neopolitan

    Neopolitan is a small hound mix with cute markings and a fun loving personality. And he’s available for adoption from the Washington Animal Rescue League.

  • Pet of the Week: Meadow

    Meet Meadow, a hound/Labrador retriever mix who is hoping for a home for the holidays — and for the rest of her life.

  • Pet of the Week: Jose Cuervo

    Jose Cuervo is a bundle of joy, energy, and enthusiasm.

  • Pet of the Week: Two Step

    WASHINGTON — No; it’s not a fox, although he sure looks like one! This is Two Step, a one-year-old Finnish spitz mix looking for a home. Two Step is one of many South Carolina shelter animals…

  • Pet of the Week: Marshmallow

    WASHINGTON — Say hello to Marshmallow, a large Argentine Dogo mix. This 1-year-old boy has one of those faces you just can’t resist, with perpetually quizzical-looking eyes and the cutest gray freckles on his ears.…

  • Pet of the Week: Forrest

    WASHINGTON — Forrest is a splendid Shepherd mix who came to the Washington Animal Rescue League from South Carolina after the recent flooding. Forrest was already in a shelter when the flooding hit the region,…

  • Pet of the Week: Regina

    Say hello to Regina, an absolutely adorable hound mix.

  • Pet of the Week: Hershel

    WASHINGTON — Say hello to Hershel! This three-year-old red shepherd mix arrived at the Washington Animal Rescue League recently from South Carolina. The shelter from which Hershel came was inundated with strays following massive flooding…

  • Pet of the Week: Pops

    WASHINGTON – Meet Pops, a 9-year-old beagle/Blue Heeler (Australian cattle dog) mix. You can tell by his size that Pops really enjoys his meals; in fact, if you say “sit” he will do just that…

  • Pet of the Week: Mystique

    WASHINGTON — No one at the Washington Animal Rescue League can understand why Mystique hasn’t already been adopted. But someone else’s loss could be your gain. This tri-color beagle mix is absolutely wonderful: She’s cheerful,…