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  • Bonz
    7:24pm - Thu Feb 28th, 2013
    Hollywood on the Potomac
    I'm not sure why President and Mrs. Obama are being criticized so much because of a golf outing and presenting an award. This to me might be your value but none to the listeners - its merely stirring the pot. The President needed a break from all of the people who go against him from angle just because they don't like him as a black man. Mrs. Obama is probably the only 1st lady that has the personality and charm to be a part of the Oscar's. Go figure - maybe I missed something. A better article would be why are government contractors paid more their civilian counterparts? We have to train them to do their work and they have this idea they are untouchable. Bottom line is instead of furloughing the civilian get rid of contractors who are doing mediocre work at best.
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