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  • RSaunders
    4:55pm - Mon Oct 03rd, 2011
    Such a Bank Exists
    Actually, they are called Credit Unions. Like Southwest, they offer streamlined processes that lower costs. Their members are the owners, rather than stockholders. You should join one.

    You'll never "bank" again.
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  • Bob H
    8:14pm - Mon Oct 03rd, 2011
    Bank fees
    Chris- If you're looking for a bank tat doesn't charge big fees, forget the big banks. Look at the local community based banks and credit unions. They much more consumer friendly and besides they're not too big to fail. Next time you hear about the housing and banking crisis, it's not the local guys that created the problems. It's the BofA and Citicorp. And when you hear about "consumer abuses" whether it's in credit cards, high fees or bad mortgages, again it's the big guys. So next time you're looking for a bank that doesn't charge big fees and maybe even let's you talk to a person, call your locl bank. I'm sure you'll enjoy it a lot more than calling BoA and getting someone in India.
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  • MichiganAccent
    1:52pm - Tue Oct 04th, 2011
    another great option
    Another great option is Ally Bank. They have no fees, and use it heavily as a selling point. Their customer service is great (I've used phone, twitter, and email), they have no fees, they pay all ATM fees that other banks charge you, and have very good interest rates compared to standard banks. I began using them as a result of fees with my old bank, and couldn't be happier.
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