Three apps offer quiet, serenity

WASHINGTON – The sounds of silence are now going for a premium.

We are bombarded by way too much noise, in our homes, at our work and even in the streets. What many would not give for complete silence. But who would have thought finding it would be so hard.

Three apps are now offering a few moments or more of nothing.

A membership with credit card information gets you Breather. This phone app’s slogan is “Peace and Quiet on Demand” and is offered to city-dwellers in New York and San Francisco. For $25 an hour, a small office space in the city offers the silence you seek.

Stereopublic is a crowd-sourced mobile app that will direct you via phone to quiet outdoor spaces in your city.

These spaces have been found by others looking for quiet and have tagged them for others to find and share.

And three-year-old site LiquidSpace can send you to spaces for free like the public library or spaces that come with a higher price tag.

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