What are you really agreeing to in ‘terms of service’?

Like sleep apnea, a lack of oxygen and breathing during email apnea prompt a \'\'fight or flight\'\' response. (WTOP/Nick Iannelli)

Nicole Curtis, special to wtop.com

WASHINGTON — When creating a social media account, do you read all of the “terms of service?” There are a few things that most people do not know that they are agreeing to and it might change the way you use social media.

Most people do not know that Facebook has permission to use your photos and videos for any purpose, according to an article by Mashable.com. When you agree to the “terms of service” on Facebook, you are also agreeing for them to use your content and the only way to revoke the license is by deleting the content from your profile.

Mashable also notes that you’re required to keep your contact information up to date on Facebook. In order for Facebook to make sure your account is kept secure, you have to update your profile.

Most of the “terms of service” for Facebook also apply for other social networking websites like Twitter and Instagram.

For the “world’s largest professional network,” LinkedIn, there are also many things hidden in the “terms of service.” Mashable reports that you can’t add anyone you don’t actually know and you’re not allowed to lie on the site.

LinkedIn has a place to specify how you know someone before you are allowed to connect with them, but according to Mashable, plenty of people still violate it.

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