Wanna lose weight? Eat like a man

You still have to be careful of portion size and avoid artificial food, but Boston Globe health blogger Deborah Kotz says a new study indicates that an occasional steak isn\'t going to cause heart problems. (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON — Men don’t diet, they just eat more natural foods.

“Steaks, potatoes, chicken,” says fitness trainer and dietitian Jim White. “Even some of your barbecue foods are more filling, have a lot of natural ingredients and are more sustaining to your body.”

For that reason, women could lose more weight if they ate like men, White says. Eating naturally takes the pressure off; in turn, you’ll see more results.

“Have a beer, have that piece of chocolate that you want,” White continues. “Indulge, don’t feel guilty, don’t feel that you are on a diet.”

Men view eating as a big picture, says White, who runs a fitness center in Virginia Beach. They eat three meals a day. If they over eat one day, they just make adjustments the next day. Most importantly, men don’t feel guilty about it.

Women can lose weight too, White says, but they have to adapt a male mentality about food.

Women get so obsessed with scales, calories and weight that it almost hinders them from losing pounds, the trainer continues.

The key is portion control, White concludes: “That’s we are we are noticing big drops in weight.”

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