Testing the ice cream sandwich that doesn’t melt (Video)

Safeway\'s brand on the left, Wal-Mart\'s brand in the middle and the Klondike ice cream sandwich on the right. (WTOP/Megan Cloherty)

WASHINGTON — It’s the ice cream that allegedly doesn’t melt. The site Jezebel wrote that Wal-Mart’s brand of ice cream sandwich suspiciously does not melt. So, we put it to the test.

WTOP tested three kinds of ice cream sandwiches against each other. We put out a plate, left them out in the newsroom for an hour and took a poll.

Our lineup: A Klondike on the left, The Wal-Mart brand Good Value in the middle and then the Safeway brand on the right. Which was the least melted?

“Definitely the one in the middle. The one in the middle is the soggiest. The two on the sides are more firm and crusty,” observes WTOP.com’s Lacey Mason.

The Safeway brand and Klondike melted like ice cream does, the Good Value looked more like a squished marshmallow; not drippy, just foamy.

“I wouldn’t touch, the one in the middle,” says WTOP.com’s Sports Editor Noah Frank.

“It’s also strangely yellowish at this point. The other two are white, as intended,” he says.

See our timelapse video here:

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