7-Eleven introduces new ‘Doritos Loaded’

The WTOP newsroom tried the new 7-Eleven Doritos Loaded snacks Wednesday. (WTOP/Zoe Sagalow)

Zoe Sagalow, special to WTOP.com

WASHINGTON — A new cheesy treat is in 7-Eleven stores. Doritos Loaded was introduced nationwide Wednesday:

The triangle-shaped, Doritos-flavored, cheese-stuffed snack is meant to be eaten warm.

The WTOP newsroom taste-tested the product Wednesday afternoon.

“It tasted like a tangy ravioli,” said WTOP’s Chris Cichon. “I enjoyed it. I would probably purchase that if I went to a 7-Eleven.”

He said he’s a fan.

Noah Frank, digital sports editor, said, “It’s almost like a chewy Cheeto on the outside … [with] a ballpark nacho cheese filling.”

He said it satisfies all the requirements for a late-night food item and, although he found it pretty filling, he said one Doritos Loaded was enough.


WTOP’s Chris Chicon tests the new Doritos Loaded from 7-Eleven. He described them as a "tangy ravioli." (WTOP/Zoe Sagalow)

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