Study: D.C. drivers spending more time on the road

Traffic on the ramp to DC 295 Kenilworth Avenue during Friday\'s rush hour. (WTOP/J. Hoeflinger)

WASHINGTON — D.C. area rush hours aren’t that bad, at least compared with the traffic at other times of the day or week.

The 2014 TomTom Traffic Index finds that D.C. area drivers spend 24 percent more time on the road during peak hours than they would if they made the same trip during the times with the least traffic.

That ranks D.C. eighth in the nation behind Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, Seattle, San Jose, New York and Miami.

But WTOP Director of Traffic Operations Jim Battagliese cautions against putting too much stock in the findings, which are based on data collected anonymously from TomTom GPS units.

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