Fairfax County holds hurricane emergency drill

WASHINGTON — Don’t be surprised by a rash of first responder activity in a few key Fairfax County locations Thursday.

The county’s Emergency Operations Center is coordinating an exercise drill that plays out the scenario that a category three hurricane has hit Virginia.

Emergency personnel will descend on Thomas Edison High School in Franconia and the Martha Washington Library in Belle View to set up shelters and mock help centers.

A real weather crisis brought first responders to the Belle View neighborhood a week ago. Extreme weather last Thursday night knocked trees over onto homes and cars and into streets. Power lines were pulled to the ground across the region.

Participants in the emergency exercise include the American Red Cross, Fairfax County public works, public safety, human services, public information and related county agencies.

A county news release asks: “We’re preparing for the next emergency in our community. Are you ready?”

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