Fire up the grill — its the grand finale of National Burger Month

More tips from Chef Geoff for the perfect burger

wtopstaff | November 15, 2014 6:40 am

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WASHINGTON — Here’s a good reason to fire up the grill Saturday night — it’s the grand finale of National Burger Month!

How do you build a great burger? You start with the meat.

“If we are really thinking flavor, 80-20!” Chef Geoff Tracey says forget the ultra lean stuff, you need some fat to keep the burger juicy” to really sort of moisturize the meat.”

Don’t grill it stone cold from the fridge. He suggests to let it warm up a bit. And when it comes to seasoning, “simple is better … too many flavors and it starts to become a meatball.”

Cook the burger until its medium rare and then add the toppings. What is Chef Geoff’s favorite?

“I still think the best accompaniment on top of a burger is mayonnaise,” he says.

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