Ocean City named on list of places best for kids

People are seen walking Ocean City\'s boardwalk. (WTOP/Ed Kelleher)

WASHINGTON — Ocean City, Md.’s boardwalk makes a list of the top 15 best attractions in the U.S. for kids.

The travel planning site Gogobot ranks it 11th. People voting on the site say they love the rides, cotton candy, rides and performers.

Gogobot says families “consider a bit of dinginess part of the Boardwalk’s kitschy charm.”

About Ocean City Gogobot member Arlo Hemphill writes, “…to those of us who grew up here, the combined smells of salt, candy, pizza and beer are a reminder of carefree childhood days and long summer days that went on forever. This is fantastic boardwalk with a lot of variety. There’s something for everyone from the raucous carnival at the southern end, to the more laid back bed and breakfast vibe at the northern end. A must see for any visit to Maryland’s Eastern Shore.”

Gogobot announced the best attractions for kids as part of its Travelers’ Favorites awards. The attractions were selected based on Gogobot user recommendations and the number of visits from the site’s 3.7 million users.

“When you spend the whole day at some place like a theme park or zoo, you want everyone in your family to enjoy it — young and old,” Travis Katz, Gogobot CEO and co-founder, tells CNN.

No. 1 on the list is Exploratorium on Pier 15 in San Francisco. Gogobot says it “has plenty of imaginative activities to keep even the most energetic of kids busy all day.” No. 2 is Winter Park Resort in Colorado.

See the full list on Gogobot.

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