Honest Tea to reward recyclers with goods for empty bottles

Look for one of these giant recycling bins Friday at the Westbard Giant, via Honest Tea

Bethesda-based Honest Tea will be at the Giant Food store in Westbard on Friday to exchange free gifts for your empty recyclable containers.

As part of its Great Recycle Tour, the company will set up a 12-foot-tall blue recycling bin Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 5400 Westbard Ave. Depending on how many empty glass, plastic or aluminum bottles you exchange, Honest Tea will award items such as iPad minis, Go Pro cameras, signed sports memorabilia, bikes, skateboards and reusable bags.

An iPad Mini will require 600 bottles contributed to the big blue recycling bin. One bottle will get you a CD, bracelet, stickers or a button. Two bottles will get you a snack, “Plant a Tree,” or bottle of Honest Tea. Recycle 20 bottles, and you’ll get a t-shirt.

The company launched the event in April 2012 in Times Square, part of its effort to boost recycling rates. Honest Tea says that since the launch, The Great Recycle Tour has visited 13 states and recycled more than 170,000 empty beverage containers.

The tour will come to the Giant location near Bethesda Row (7142 Arlington Rd.) next week, on Friday, April 18.

What exactly will recycled bottles get you?:

iPad Min i= 600 bottles redeemed
Go Pro Camera = 500 bottles redeemed
Goal Zero Solar Cell Phone Recharging Kit = 450 bottles redeemed
Redskins, Nationals, Ravens & Orioles Signed Items = 400 bottles redeemed
Sole Bike = 325 bottles redeemed
Skate Board = 250 bottles redeemed
Patagonia Backpack = 150 bottles redeemed
$25 Gift Card = 50 bottles redeemed
Recycooler = 45 bottles redeemed
T-Shirt = 20 bottles redeemed
TerraCycle Items = 10 bottles redeemed
Reusable Bags or Sunglasses = 5 bottles redeemed
Home Planter/Bird Feeder = 4 bottles redeemed
Puravida Bracelet or Honest Kids Lip Balm = 3 bottles redeemed
Plant a Tree, Snacks, or Bottle of Honest Tea = 2 bottles redeemed
Family Friendly CD, or Honest Tea bracelet, stickers or button = 1 bottle redeemed

Photo via Honest Tea

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