Court denies Severance’s stay request

WASHINGTON — The man Alexandria police want to talk to in connection with three Alexandria murders will not get to stay in West Virginia to fight his extradition.

A West Virginia Supreme Court denied Charles Severances’ request for an extenstion of his stay on Tuesday. This means the Circuit Court’s decision stands, and Severance’s attorney will not be afforded more time to file an appeal, a clerk with the state’s Supreme Court confirms.

A judge decided last Wednesday there was enough evidence to extradite Severance to Virginia where he’s wanted on a weapons charge out of Loudoun County.

Severance can still appeal, but in the meantime he could be extradited, the clerk says.

Alexandria police have not named Severance as a suspect in the three unsolved homicides of Nancy Dunning, Ron Kirby and Ruthanne Lodato, but have said they want to talk with him in connection with the murders. They have also searched his home and the lake behind his parents home on warrants associated with the crimes.

Once he’s in Virginia, Severance will go to Loudoun County, but a police spokesman for the county has said they plan to work with Alexandria in their investigation.

Loudoun County confirms they have to 10 days to transport Severance to the Adult Detention Center in Leesburg.

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