A tale of a great beer city: Craft beer in Boston

By Rob Fink
WTOP Beer Contributor

WASHINGTON — Boston: It’s one of the premier craft beer cities in the country.

From the original Boston Beer Company to nascent upstarts such as Trillium or Night Shift, the Boston area is teeming with breweries seeking to continually redefine and expedite the evolution of craft beer.

Similarly, the Boston area boasts its share of reputable craft beer bars and restaurants, from the loveable grit of The Publick House and Sunset Grill and Tap to the radiant sheen of Row 34 and Lord Hobo, all of which help define what is a top-tier craft beer city.

I recently traveled to Boston for my fifth Extreme Beer Fest (EBF), a festival organized by the hard-working folks at BeerAdvocate. Over the years, EBF has become the embodiment, or at the very least, the “State of the Union” of craft beer, proving time and again that craft beer is not teetering off the edge. If anything, it’s only strengthening its armor.

Below is rundown of my latest Boston adventure and best bets for craft beer lovers.

Row 34

Fresh off the plane and hungry for lunch, I headed to recently opened Row 34, a highly acclaimed oyster and craft beer bar. The restaurant’s natural light and tall windows give you the impression of being outside while enjoying the comfort of the indoors.

The food and beer did not disappoint. Spicy lobster tacos fired on all cylinders while Mahr’s Ungespundet-hefetr