WWBG: Welcome Devils Backbone Brewing Company


Editor’s Note: This column is sponsored by Georgetown Square Wine and Beer (10400 Old Georgetown Road).

As many MoCo craft beer drinkers know, Maryland isn’t on the forefront of new craft breweries.

Devils Backbone Brewing CompanyBut we’re making progress. As of this year, Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company out of Virginia started shipping its great beer across state lines into Maryland.

Steven Crandall founded the outfit in 2008 out of a brewpub in Roseland, Virginia (near Wintergreen Resort). Since, Devil’s Backbone and brewmaster Jason Oliver have become Virginia’s largest craft brewery and have won countless awards in major beer competitions, including the 2013 Great American Beer Festival’s Small Brewing Company of the Year and Small Brewing Company Brewer of the Year.

Now, Devil’s Backbone is shipping four year-round brews into Maryland and will ship more labels as production increases.

We’ll also be hosting a Devil’s Backbone tasting at Georgetown Square Wine and Beer on March 22 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Devils Backbone Vienna LagerDevils Backbone Vienna Lager

Devils Backbone’s Vienna lager won the gold medal at the 2012 World Beer cup, beating some world’s best lagers. Vienna Lagers are slightly darker variations of German lagers. Most common in North America, Devils Backbone’s version is excellent. It’s clean, crisp and toasty with a slight malt sweetness and a slight bitter taste to finish.

Devils Backbone Eight Point IPA

This pale bronze IPA is medium in body with intense hop flavor and aroma. DB’s IPA is your typical west coast style with robust hops. It’s also very drinkable, not like your typical west coast hop bomb.

Devils Backbone Schwartz BierDevils Backbone Schwartz Bier

Schwartz Bier is simply German for black beer. It doesn’t necessarily mean heavy or light in body, but usually these beers tend to be light.

Unlike other dark beers, Schwartz Bier is extremely bitter with burnt and roasted malt characters. Devils Backbone’s version uses lager yeast to make this brew very drinkable. It has a subtle roasted flavor with a clean, dry finish.

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