Residents voice concerns about Fairfax budget

Residents are concerned about the Fairfax County budget

wtopstaff | November 15, 2014 1:14 am

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HERNDON, VA. — A community summit held Saturday brought together Fairfax County officials and citizens to discuss the upcoming operating budget.

“The most important thing for me is the Fairfax County schools budget,” says Katy Slater, who lives in Reston.

Slater says she moved to the county because of its quality schools. But over the years, that quality has eroded because of the lack of money for schools.

“We’ve got the schools which have increased needs, a growing student population,” says Sharon Bulova, chairman of the county board of supervisors. “It’s not going to be easy.”

The county is still recovering from the recession, so Fairfax residents could see a tax hike, Bulova says: “I’m not sure how it will all turn out in the end. I am willing to advertise a higher tax-rate.”

The county would have to advertise the higher tax-rate before they have a discussion about it.

Right now, Bulova says she’s not sure how the schools shortfall will be handled. “Our taxpayers are also struggling,” she says.

However, residential assessments are up. But with that increase in property value, residents will have to pay more in property taxes.

This is the first of 15 town hall meetings being held across the county. Visit for more information.

The county Board of Supervisors will adopt the budget on April 29.

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