How Would You Improve Circulator Bus?

Flickr photo via BeyondDC

The folks at the Bethesda Urban Partnership are asking how well the Bethesda Circulator bus is working for you.

In an online survey, BUP and its division of Bethesda Transportation Solutions ask basic questions — such as how often survey-takers take the free shuttle and if it feels convenient.

There’s also a space for suggestions, which folks at BUP probably already anticipate will include pitches to expand the route past its Woodmont Triangle-Bethesda Row-Bethesda Metro station circuit.

It’s been a popular request in the past. At an open house last week on development plans for Westbard, one resident suggested extending the Circulator — two miles from downtown Bethesda to River Road — to increase the area’s transit options.

A BUP report said the bus averaged 29,000 riders. BUP and Bethesda Transportation Solutions took over the old Bethesda downtown trolley from the county in 2006.

Flickr photo by BeyondDC

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