Hate Windows 8? You are not doomed

If upgrading to the radically different Windows 8 seems catastrophic, there are options (Microsoft)
Alternatives to Windows 8

wtopstaff | November 15, 2014 12:38 am

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By Ken Colburn, Data Doctors

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Jim asks: I’ve grown to hate (Windows 8) and would like to install Win 7. What steps should I take?

This is a very common sentiment that is understandable because of the radical departure that Microsoft took with its newest user interface.

If you hate Windows 8 because of how it works, I’d highly recommend that you try a free program that can make Windows 8 look and work a lot more like older versions of Windows before you go through the extreme hassle involved in starting over.

We have routinely recommended Classic Shell for our clients that have had the same aversion to 8. And the reaction to Classic Shell has been great.

Once the system bypasses the new tiled menu screen and a familiar

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