Black ice covering some Md. roadways

WASHINGTON — Drivers are encountering black ice on some Maryland roadways Thursday morning after ice and snow melted and froze again overnight.

Black ice has been reported in parts of Montgomery and Frederick counties Thursday morning. Drivers are urged to slow down during their morning commute and be cautious on areas prone to icing such as ramps, bridges and overpasses, says Maryland State Highway Administration Spokeswoman Lora Rakowski.

“It can seem counter-intuitive when we’ve been dealing with temperatures in the high 40s and low 50s that the next morning we could encounter ice, but that’s exactly what we have to remember when we’re experiencing melting conditions during the day and freezing temperatures overnight,” Rakowski said on WTOP Thursday morning.

If you see something on the road that appears wet, assume that is could be ice and drive carefully, Rakowski says.

The MSHA is working to salt icy spots. If you encounter black ice on the roadways, report it to MSHA so they can salt the location.

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