Thousands tune in online to watch strangers eat

Rohan Williamson, special to

WASHINGTON – Who wouldn’t quit their job if they could get paid $9,000 a month to stream themselves eating food online?

Business Insider reports that watching strangers eat online has become the new craze in South Korea, it’s called “meok-bang” or gastronomic voyeurism.

The most famous online eater Park Seo-yeon says that meok-bang attracts people who are on diets.

Diets must be popular in South Korea, because thousands of people tune in to watch her eat for hours each day. Her online viewers pay her around $9,000 a month.

Park Seo-yeon is not the only person cashing in. Some people are now paid to eat online to promote certain dishes in specific restaurants.

For those of you bummed you missed out on this opportunity do not worry. You probably can get thousands of people to watch you sit in traffic or listen to your iPod or something.

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