Comptroller: Delayed tax season could hurt Maryland residents

WASHINGTON – October’s government shutdown is long over, but it still could hit every working American right in the wallet this tax season.

The IRS announced returns won’t start processing until Jan. 31 as a direct result of the government shutdown. That has Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot worried.

“We are dependent on the IRS to first process the returns,” says Franchot. That needs done before Maryland can begin to work on state returns. And that means anyone waiting for a refund will have to wait a little longer.”

Franchot says with a fragile economic recovery, people expecting refunds need those processed — the sooner the better.

“People are accustomed to paying holiday bills with tax refunds,” Franchot says. “So I’m telling folks to be patient, but people need that money.”

WTOP’s Kate Ryan contributed to this report.

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