Simple, quick tips to fight holiday stress

WASHINGTON – You’ve still got Christmas shopping to do, your house is a mess and you’re expecting relatives to visit over the holidays.

All of this can make for a stressful holiday season.

But Woman’s Day says there are some simple – and quick – ways to de-stress:

Maybe the simplest: Peel an orange and eat it. Peeling it releases a satisfying scent which makes you anticipate the refreshment. And once you eat it, your blood vessels relax and your blood pressure goes down.

Woman’s Day also recommends stretching your arms to the sky. It can fill your body with mood-boosting endorphins, which can make you feel happy and free.

And hug your body – not just because you love yourself, but because if you do this as soon as you wake up it can reduce tension in your lower back. Back muscles can get stiff as you sleep.

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