What beer costs $80 and has 2,000 calories?

Dogfish Head\'s 120 Minute IPA has 450 calories. (Getty Images)

WASHINGTON — Beer isn’t exactly known for its healthful properties, but some options are worse than others when it comes to calorie counts.

Locally brewed craft beer Dogfish Head is one such offender, according to The Drink Business. Their 120 Minute IPA clocks in at 18 percent alcohol and contains a whopping 450 calories.

And then there is Scotland’s BrewDog. It’s Tokyo beer is an oak-aged imperial stout that has 546 calories.

So what is the highest calorie brew around?

Reportedly “the world’s strongest beer,” Snake Venom is 67.5 percent alcohol, costs roughly $80 and contains more than 2,000 calories per 275 milileter.

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