Ways to save money while flying this holiday season

Visiting sites, such as SeatGuru.com, can help tell airline passengers which seats are the roomiest. (Thinkstock)

WASHINGTON – There are ways to save money when flying this holiday season.

Forbes has put together a list of tips for avoiding excessive airline fees.

  • Don’t check a bag and maximize your packing space. Forbes says suitcases with wheels have 40 percent less space because of their frame. Using a wheel-free bag can nearly double the amount of space in a bag.
  • Check fees first. If you have to check bags, know before you book which airlines charge what, Forbes says. Southwest allows two checked bags for free. Other airlines charge $25 for the first bag and $35 for the second. It’s smart to take into account the additional $120 an airline might charge for bags.
  • Don’t pay to board early. If you are worried about overhead bin space, select a window seat toward the back of the plane. Most airlines, after elite travelers have boarded, open boarding to those seated in the back and in window seats first. This way you board when there is still plenty of overhead space.
  • Don’t buy the Wi-Fi. Download whatever you want to work on before you go to the airport. You can probably live without email for a while
  • Check your options. Something to watch for when you book your flight: Several airlines have the travel insurance box automatically check on the purchase screen. Uncheck that box.

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