Students fearful after attack at UMd.

The footpath connecting the main campus of UMd to University View apartments. (WTOP/Dick Uliano)

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – Police have no suspects and student fear is high following a weekend attack against two University of Maryland students by a group of at least eight individuals on a secluded campus footpath.

“It definitely frightens me walking back here at night,” says junior Rosina Moscariello, a varsity cheerleader.

“I love this school,”says freshman Taylor Jordan, but she also says she’s worried about her safety.

“Honestly, a lot of times when I’m walking in this area I don’t necessarily feel safe, especially when I’m by myself, so hearing about a robbery in this area makes me feel more concerned about my safety.”

Police say two men, who are students, were attacked by a group of at least eight people early Saturday morning on a footpath connecting the main campus to the University View apartments.

One of the students suffered a broken nose and lacerations in the attack.

While police have no suspects, investigators are checking nearby university and commercial buildings for any surveillance video that might help identify the attackers.

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