Poll: Married people more likely to spend more

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Tying the knot could boost the economy

Veronica Robinson | November 14, 2014 10:17 pm

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WASHINGTON – An increase in marriages could be the boost the economy needs.

A new Gallup poll shows married Americans spend $102 a day — more than single people, divorced couples or people in relationships who live with someone.

“Married Americans have higher than average incomes,” says Danielle Kurtzleben, a business and economics reporter for U.S. News & World Report. “That’s not because there’s any sort of bias where a married person wouldn’t necessarily be paid more. There are a lot of single people who are starting out their careers. They’re in their early to mid 20s, and you earn more as you get older and you’re also more likely to get married as you get older.”

Kurtzleben reported on the topic for U.S. News and World Report.

Married couples spent more than the $98 spent by people in domestic partnerships, according to the research. Divorced Americans spent $74 a day, those who were single and never married spent approximately $67 a day and widows and widowers spend about $62, the poll found.

Married couples are also more likely to have children, meaning they’re more likely to spend more on their kids.

Kurztleben says the recession has helped bring marriage rates down, but anyone who lives with another person tends to have more money to spend on their own.

“Anyone in an expensive city like D.C. knows, when you pair up with someone, whether it’s a roommate or a partner, you have a little extra money to spend and costs a little less to live with someone,” she says.

On average, men tend to get married at the age of 29, and women tend to marry around the age of 27, according to the research.

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