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What to choose to go with the turkey and fixings

Lani Rosenstock Inlander, Owner & Chief Stylist for “Real Life Style” has gift ideas for the kids/teens in your life:

Little Kids

  • Boys: Anything with skull and crossbones, camouflage (especially in surprising color combos) or a super hero theme
  • Girls: Anything with hearts, bows, lips and sequins

Nice thing about little kids is they don’t know how much you spent so you can either go to Nordstrom or Old Navy. The trends are all the same and they will grow out of them quickly anyway.

Teenage Girls

These are all available at On Cloud 9 at Potomac Woods Shopping Center in Potomac, Md. (no e-commerce)

  • Liquid Leggings by Zara Terez $42 and $48 – Shiny “liquid looking” leggings with crazy prints on them like donuts, fruit loops, plaids and stripes, balloon animals outer space prints. The crazier the better.
  • Rainbow Loom (rubber band jewelry making kit) – These are the new silly bandz. Available at On Cloud 9 or Michael’s craft stores. Around $20 for kit.
  • Butter Super Soft hoodies and sweat pants (around $100 for hoodies and $60 for the sweat pants)

Teenage Boys


The Fuel band from Nike is a great gift idea for the teenager in your life. (Courtesy

  • Nike Elite basketball socks and Nike Vapor Football socks $14 to 18, brightly colored, padded socks
  • Graphic tees (around $30) from Urban Outfitters store or website
  • Flannel button down shirts from Urban Outfitters or Nordstrom – all price points. Grunge is back.

Teen Boys and Girls

Fuel band from Nike: New SE version was just released, comes in bright colors and syncs in real time with your iPhone, $149, tracks physical movement and you can share the info with your friends across social media platforms.

Listen to all of Inlander’s gift ideas below:

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