Winter could bring major snowfall

ABC7 Chief Meteorologist Doug Hill says the region could be due for a big snow storm this winter. (Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON – Since Snowmageddon plowed through the region in 2010, winter has been relatively mild in the D.C. region.

The Washington Post called most of the lower United States “snow challenged” in 2012, but that could change this winter.

ABC7 Chief Meteorologist Doug Hill says the area could be due for a big snowfall after several years of relatively warm winters.

“Some people will say we’re kind of due {for a lot of snow},” he says.

“It’s not a scientific interpretation, but you look back over the records {and} it’s not often we go year after year after year with very little or no snow. I think we’re kind of due, as well.”

Hill will release his official winter forecast in November, but he says the region could see the first snow flakes around Dec. 10.

To predict this winter’s weather, Hill says he will look at early signs of a jetstream in Canada and other parts of North America. Other factors include high and low pressure interplay over the Atlantic Ocean, and potential patterns for El Nino and La Nina.

Temperatures will increase this weekend, he says. Saturday will be in the upper 50s with plenty of sunshine, and Sunday will be cloudy in the low 60s. Next week will maintain that warming trend, he says.

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